Benefits for privately employed dentists

Benefits for privately employed dentists

  Privately employed
Collective agreement

You are covered by the Dental Agreement if your identification code is connected to the agreement.
Legal assistance

You can get specific legal assistance in all matters relating to your employment, including:

- Wage (including sick pay)
- Restrictive clauses
- Cooperation problems and dismissal

You are entitled to mediation support regarding conflicts with your employer.

You have access to standard contracts and assistance as party to a contract in connection with contract reviews.

You can get support regarding cases in your municipality in the event of long-term illness, e.g. in cases regarding reduced-hours jobs and early retirement.

Financial benefits

Through our security initiatives you or your employer can get financial support in the event of sickness or maternity leave.
Your survivors are entitled to death benefits.
You can get career counselling

It is possible for you to get feedback on your resume and job applications.

Insurance As a member of the Dental Association you have the opportunity - via our security initiatives - to purchase insurance with appropriate coverage and competitive prices such as:

- Pension at low cost
- Group life and severe illness
- Health Insurance
- Private Insurance, i.e. private property, accident and motor insurance.

Apart from this, the following insurances are compulsory:

- Disability insurance with vocational disability (i.e. you get coverage if you lose the ability to work as a dentist)
- Legal aid