Benefits for clinic owners

Benefits for clinic owners
  Clinic owners
Collective agreements

You are covered by the Dentist Agreement and will receive advice on your rights pursuant to collective agreements regarding grants. You have influence on collective agreements for your staff through your negotiators from the Dental Association.
Legal assistance

 You are guaranteed:
- Advice on employment law and conflict resolution,
- support as regards clarifying your rights and obligations towards your patients,
- Industry-specific health and safety advice,
- Sparring on economical and organizational aspects of your clinic,
- Inspiration on management and quality assurance

Financial benefits:

Through our security initiatives you will be able to receive financial benefits in the event you or your employed dentist fall ill or go on maternity leave.
In the event of your death, your survivors may receive financial compensation.

As a member of the Dental Association you have the opportunity - via the security initiatives - to purchase the following appropriate coverage at competitive prices;

- Pension at low cost
- Group life and critical illness
- Health insurance
- Clinic insurance
- Insurance against operational losses due to illness
- Private insurance, such as personal property insurance, accident and car insurance
- Net banking Insurance
- Insurance against criminal activity

Apart from this, the following types of insurance are compulsory;

- Disability insurance with vocational disability (which means you get coverage in the event that you lose the ability to work as a dentist)
- Legal aid
- Practice insurance containing e.g. professional liability insurance, patient injury for amounts less than DKKDKK 10,000 and injury insurance (accident) for you and your employees.