Overview of the Danish Dental Association's offers to all members

Overview of the Danish Dental Association's offers to all members
Counselling: You are entitled to specific assistance regarding the physical and psychological working environment, dental materials, hygiene, pharmaceutical drugs, interior clinic design, clinic economy, clinic purchase and sales, conflict management, advice and guidance in your job application and resume as well as press contacts.

Legal assistance:
You are entitled to specific legal assistance regarding collective agreements, wages and employment conditions as well as legal advice concerning health issues.

(the monthly Danish dental magazine)
Annually you will receive 12 issues of “Tandlægebladet”.

Tdlnet.dk On our website tdlnet.dk you have access to: Our latest news, dentaljob.dk, information regarding relevant legislation and regulations as well as standard contracts, fee tables, discussion forum, etc.

Courses / training The Dental Association organizes a wide range of various seminars, some of which are reserved for members of the association. All seminars hosted by the Dental Association are at least 20% more expensive for non-member dentists.

Professional networks: You will have access to professional networks, e.g. through local chapters and quality networks.

Patient information, etc.: You can buy patient information brochures and other products from the Dental Association’s Publisher at membership prices. Non-members pay an additional 20%.

Political influence and profiling:

As a member of the Dental Association, you help ensure dentists’ influence on political decisions that concern dental care. This is achieved through the work done by the Dental Association, formally and informally influencing political decisions, new legislation, etc. Moreover, the Dental Association is the profession's voice in the media.

Crisis counselling Through our security initiatives you have the opportunity to get support, such as therapy and rehabilitation, in connection with personal problems.


The Dental Association negotiates a wide range of discount deals at membership prices which will make it easier and/or cheaper to be a dentist. These deals are for members only.